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    • You did a great job, my fully “bubba’d” SKS has been waiting for a decent rail system to attach a reflex site to. Almost all of the ones on the market are either way to big & bulky, attach too far forward, or are complete junk (aka the China made scourge, never trust a anti-gun society to make gun parts).

    • Hey guys, your product works better than anything on the market!!! Please tell me you are planning on developing this system for the m-14? There would be a huge market for it here in Canada…Troy industries is the only company that makes a reliable scope mount/chassis for the m14 style rifles but it is almost impossible to get Troy products up here in Canada. I’m sure you would sell a ton of them. (metric ton of course lol). Thanks for the great product!

      Rich K
    • I just came across your awesome looking magazine wedges. Awesome concept. I ordered two and hope that they are as good as they look in the pics. Thank you for coming up with something that has both form and function. The nearest thing that I could find in the states which had function but no form was a polymer coupler by caldwell shooting services. Thank you again for your product for those of us living in places with magazine cap limits.


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